Get uninterrupted, 1-on-1 time in front of qualified quick maintenance buyers.

What You Can Expect

20 Meetings with Prescreened Operators

Quick maintenance operators come to QUICK because they want to make smart buying decisions. During the two-day event, you will meet with 20 decision-makers who are prescreened and looking for solutions to real needs. Each one-to-one meeting will last 20 minutes, giving you time to get in front of each decision maker.

Complete Profiles on Each Operator

Before the meetings begin, you'll receive a complete profile of all 20 quick maintenance operators on your meeting schedule, including the challenges they’re looking to solve in the next 6-18 months. 

Only 20 Suppliers Total at the Event

QUICK is limited to just 20 suppliers, and only a few per product category. This ensures that the quick lube operators are seeing the range of solutions and resources within the 48-hour time frame. Each company gets a hotel room to make their own for meetings and can send up to four of its best relationship builders. We take care of the rest.

An All-Inclusive Solution Designed for Sales

With one price, everything is included. Your suite, meals, and even the bar tab is all covered. There are no booths, no exhibitor manuals, and never anyone else with whom you’ll need to provide payment. At QUICK, we want you to focus on meeting prospects, not planning meetings. And it’s all at a cost that’s less than what you’d pay for a national tradeshow. 

Do we have your attention?


No. The NOLN team will take care of booking your room. Each sponsorship includes two rooms. Additional rooms can be booked through Kim Good at

The meetings with the operators will be held in your hotel room. We book a two-room suite for the meetings to be held in. 

This year's event will be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville at Vanderbilt.

Yes! As part of your sponsorship, you will receive all meals throughout the event. On top of that, we will provide most of the beverages during the event, too.

Yes. Additional sponsors are $2,000 each. Please reach out to if you’re interested in bringing another representative.

The closest airport is the Nashville International Airport. The conference is located at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville at Vanderbilt and is 8 miles from the airport.

There will be 20 operators at each QUICK event. You will receive a list of the participating operators 2-4 weeks before the event.

Operators are vetted through a process with the events team to ensure that only qualified operators attend QUICK.

NOLN has an alumni policy stating operators can only attend once every 2 years to reduce the number of repeat attendees. If there are repeat attendees, they are in addition to the 20 new operators in attendance and have legitimate business reasons to attend the event.

In the recruitment and invitation process for QUICK events, the NOLN team creates a waitlist of potential operators for each event. Having this list ensures that even if we have operators cancel leading up to an event, we will still have 20 operators present. 

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